In 2018, I started Hoaglund Designs with the mission of helping businesses create and use their visual brands so they can deeply connect with their target market. I do this by offering the following services:

Packaging design

Working with existing or new brands to create clean, minimal packaging that showcases the products inside of them. Together we create a package that’s eye-catching and practically jumps off the shelf.

Working with businesses to create their brand identities. Together we create a logo, select brand fonts + colors and develop other brand elements (submarks, patterns, etc.). These things help build emotional connections between businesses and their target market. 

This includes layout designs for a wide range of printed and online materials including booklets, brochures, ads, etc.

LAYOUT design


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My Story

Right after wrapping up my undergrad I took a position working on packaging design with Organic Valley. It was the type of job I dreamed of having right out of school. The company had strong values and strived to foster an environment for development, my coworkers were amazing, and I was doing exactly what I hoped to be doing in my role. Despite all of this, it still seemed like there was something missing. After a couple of years it became very clear that something needed to change in my life. I couldn’t figure it out what it was, so I did what any sensible person would do: I put in my resignation and bought a plane ticket to the other side of the world.

Have you ever woken up and realized that the trials you faced in the past have led you to the very place you are now? I have. Here’s my story.


After riding far too many crowded busses through the Andes, meeting lots of people from around the world, and lending a hand picking and processing coffee on a farm in southern Ecuador, I returned home. Through this process I realized that the answers I was searching for weren’t going to be found outside myself (isn’t that always the case?). What I realized was that it was important to me to live life on my own terms, that I didn’t want to live my life in a way someone else wanted me to. I wanted something bigger. Something better. Something that allowed me to feel like I was living as the best version of myself.

I discovered more about these lessons and the life I wanted to create after my now husband asked me to sign up with him for an Ironman triathlon - an event where you have 17 hours to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 and run 26.2. It seemed like an absurd idea, yet something tugged at me. I had to try (you know that feeling – am I right?).

About a year after signing up for the event I found myself knocking on my parents hotel room door in the wee hours of the morning on race day in search of encouragement. I was scared as hell and sobbing in fear: fear of failing, not finishing, and (honest to God) dying out there on the race course. Why did I sign up to do this again?

After I struggled through the course and dragged myself across the finish line well after the sun had set that night, I realized that I needed to sign up for that race to learn some incredibly valuable lessons. I needed to learn the value of persistence, the value of having a positive attitude in the darkest moments, and the value of taking extreme measures (I may or may not have peed my pants multiple times out of fear that if I stopped moving I’d never be able to start moving again – and in hindsight, I probably wouldn’t have). I learned then that people can accomplish pretty big dreams and goals with grit and determination. It also stuck with me that plenty of failures and setbacks along the way doesn’t have to stop you from going after what you want. I’m sure you can relate to that!


Fast forward a few years to 2018 when the birth of my second child was on the horizon. We had moved to the North Shore of Lake Superior in Northeast Minnesota and I was working a 9-5 job for a small company. Though there were many positive things that came from working the job, I still wanted more. I wanted flexibility with my life so I could spend time doing the things I love and being with the people I loved. I wanted to be able to explore and adventure in the beautiful place I called home (an off-grid cabin in the woods along Minnesota’s North Shore). I wanted to work directly with people who desired the same thing. I wanted to cheer on all the other dreamers, doers… people who are chasing hard after their goals and know what they want. I wanted to be able to support them, encourage them and help them make their own dreams come true through my own background and expertise. I wanted to support them directly.

So, I began Hoaglund Designs. And, you know what? Its one of the best things I have ever done. Somehow I’ve seemed to find many of the pieces I was searching for and the journey I've been on has helped me not only understand myself, but the people I'm here to support (that's YOU!). My life isn't perfect, but things couldn’t feel more right. Now I get to help entrepreneurs and other go-getters like you chase your dreams and elevate their brand through graphic design. How dreamy is that?


If you find yourself pulling out your hair and stressing about the next marketing piece you need to put together, reach out. Let me take the weight of creating something beautiful AND effective off your shoulders. I’ll walk you through the process, helping you ensure deadlines aren’t missed and you haven’t overlooked any of the important details. 


When you go through the process of working with me, you will come out if it with more than a design. You'll get lots of resources and helpful tips and tricks to improve your marketing efforts. My clients learn so many new things as we work together - things that help them improve that improve their business well into the future.

Stop playing small. It's time to level up. Quit wasting time and energy trying to make your current DIY design situation work. Get back to the areas of your business that you’re good at (and likely where you are needed most), so you can keep climbing after your goals.


Let's Work Together

What people are saying

Thanks so much for creating a clean and beautifully designed label for our line of products!! We were lacking a sharp looking label, and Hannah totally nailed it!! We now sell much more product!!


Hannah listened to the story behind our business and helped us express that in a more polished way. She is insightful, efficient and very professional in her interactions.


Hannah was a great partner for our project. From the beginning she was able to help guide and direct us during the planning stages. Then she followed up well with all parties involved. The end product was drop dead gorgeous, and really helped elevate our image.